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Version Language English. Product Menu Topics. The product must be configured to support a logical software development lifecycle and inventory structure, which is described using the following terms:.

Logical structure. Lifecycle location. Development Stage 1 DEV S1 — The unit test stage, of the development environment where sandbox Subsystems can be added for development of code changes. Development Stage 2 DEV S2 — The unit test complete stage, of the development environment where the code changes developed in stage one can be moved when completed and awaiting promotion to QA S2. Lifecycle Map. Inventory classification. A one- to five-character product identifier for the development code line.

For example, to identify the development code line for a software application called "Online Banking," the System might be named: ONLB. A one- to five-character product identifier plus a release number xxx for a GA software application release code line. For example, if the GA software is release Element delta format. Element Format. Reverse delta. Forward delta. To create the current level, all the delta levels are applied to the element base.

Image delta. Each delta file is a complete image, because changes between levels are not compared. Each delta file contains change information, but not source code changes. Data in the Source Level Information area in an element browse and summary display comes from information stored on the change level delta records.

Processor groups. Physical structure. Master Control File. Package Data Set. Related features. User exits. Configuration files. Delivered Table Name. This graphic illustrates a sample lifecycle for the development and maintenance of a software application for Online Banking. The bottom two rows are GA code line branches :. The arrows between the stages indicate how the stages are mapped to move the software inventory from stage to stage. The arrows with dotted lines indicate the published maintenance artifacts being transferred to the Subsystem of the same release.

Current Level. Prior Levels. Element Base Level. Delta Level Files. Show changes between each level.


Endevor Package Editor tutorial

To open and edit. Contact your system administrator if you are unsure of the setup of your system. This tutorial guides you through the basics of using the Endevor Package Editor to open and edit. Note: If the existing package does not contain valid SCL commands, then the Endevor Package Editor does not open and an error message is displayed in its place. Note: The Add button becomes active only after a command is selected from the menu. Note: If this connection is your first time connecting to the CA Endevor RAM in this workspace, a window opens and prompts you to define a filter for the Endevor elements to be displayed. Alternatively, you can click Finish to return all Endevor elements.


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