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Alternative transistors for SS are S, S, 2N, BC, BC, output pins of some equivalents are different please see pinout details of the transistor you are willing to replace. It is mostly used for general purpose switching and amplification purposes in commercial devices. Moreover it is also an ideal transistor to use for hobby and educational electronics projects. The transistor is having some very good features in its small TO package due to which it can be used in variety of different electronics applications.

The collector-emitter voltage of the transistor is 20V, therefore it can be easily used in electronic applications that require under 20V. The typical saturation voltage of this transistor is 0. For full output current i. SS can be used in many electronic applications and it is a must to have transistor in your electronics lab.

This transistor is basically designed for audio amplification purposes therefore it can be used in circuits where small audio amplification of around 1W is required for example electronic bells, small radios and receiver circuits, amplification of audio signal of any electronic application, electronic buzzer etc.

Moreover it can also be used for switching purposes for example the collector current of the transistor is mA which is quite good for operating loads like relays, high power LEDs, ICs, electronic applications, another part of a circuit etc. Apart from that it can also be used as an alternative or equivalent transistor for other general purpose transistors in general applications like 2N, 2N, BC, BC, 2N etc. November 18, May 2, January 2, Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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C9013 Transistor. Datasheet pdf. Equivalent



C9013 – Vcbo = 40V, NPN Transistor – KEC



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9013 Datasheet, Equivalent, Cross Reference Search


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