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Lukacs, Christine, E-mail: cmlukacs gmail. This crystal system can be used to determine the structures of BIR 2—inhibitor complexes. XIAP, a member of the inhibitor of apoptosis family of proteins, is a critical regulator of apoptosis. Inhibition of the BIR domain—caspase interaction is a promising approach towards treating cancer. Previous work has been directed towards inhibiting the BIR 3—caspase-9 interaction, which blocks the intrinsic apoptotic pathway; selectively inhibiting the BIR 2—caspase-3 interaction would also block the extrinsic pathway.

The BIR 2 domain of XIAP has successfully been crystallized; peptides and small-molecule inhibitors can be soaked into these crystals, which diffract to high resolution.

Bioterrorism is the intended use of pathogenic strains of microbes to widen terror in a population. There is a definite need to promote research for development of vaccines, therapeutics and diagnostic methods as a part of preparedness to any bioterror attack in the future. BIRS is an open-access database of collective information on the organisms related to bioterrorism.

The architecture of database utilizes the current open-source technology viz PHP ver 5. Database stores information on literature, generic- information and unique pathways of about 10 microorganisms involved in bioterrorism. This may serve as a collective repository to accelerate the drug discovery and vaccines designing process against such bioterrorist agents microbes.

The available data has been validated from various online resources and literature mining in order to provide the user with a comprehensive information system. Gorlin Goltz sendromu: Bir olgu sunumu.

Bu olgu deride herhangi bir lezy Bibliometric techniques are not yet widely used to enhance retrieval processes in digital libraries, although Our interests include information retrieval, information seeking, science modelling, network analysis, and digital libraries.

The goal is to apply insights from bibliometrics, scientometrics, and informetrics Purpose: To provide a lmfbr type reactor wherein effusion of coolants through a loop contact portion is reduced even when fuel assemblies float up, and misloading of reactor core constituting elements is prevented thereby improving the reactor safety.

Constitution: The reactor core constituents are secured in the reactor by utilizing the differential pressure between the high-pressure cooling chamber and low-pressure cooling chamber.

A resistance port is formed at the upper part of a connecting pipe, and which is connect the low-pressure cooling chamber and the lower surface of the reactor core constituent.

This resistance part is formed such that the internal sectional area of the connecting pipe is made larger stepwise toward the upper part, and the cylinder is formed larger so that it profiles the inner surface of the connecting pipe. Aizawa, K. Purpose: To facilitate the construction of a reactor containment building, whereby the inspections of the outer wall of a reactor container after the completion of the construction of the reactor building can be easily carried out.

Constitution: In a reactor accommodated in a container encircled by a building wall, a space is provided between the container and the building wall encircling the container, and a metal wall is provided in the space so that it is fitted in the building wall in an attachable or detatchable manner. The requirements for OLTP database systems are becoming ever more demanding.

Domains such as finance and computer games increasingly mandate that developers be able to encode complex application logic and control transaction latencies in in-memory databases. At the same time, infrastructure In this paper, we propose a relational actor programming model for in-memory databases as a novel, holistic approach towards In contrast to classic transactional models, however, reactors allow developers to take advantage of intra-transaction parallelism and state encapsulation in their applications to reduce latency and improve locality.

Moreover, reactors enable a new degree of flexibility in database Object: To provide a boiling water reactor which can enhance a quake resisting strength and flatten power distribution. Structure: At least more than four fuel bundles, in which a plurality of fuel rods are arranged in lattice fashion which upper and lower portions are supported by tie-plates, are bundled and then covered by a square channel box.

The control rod is movably arranged within a space formed by adjoining channel boxes. A spacer of trapezoidal section is disposed in the central portion on the side of the channel box over substantially full length in height direction, and a neutron instrumented tube is disposed in the central portion inside the channel box.

Thus, where a horizontal load is exerted due to earthquake or the like, the spacers come into contact with each other to support the channel box and prevent it from abnormal vibrations. Furukawa, Y. Bu nedenle, yillarina ait vergi gelirleri ele alinmistir.

Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden. Full Text Available Bri1-associated kinase 1 BAK1-interacting receptor-like kinase BIR proteins have been shown to play important roles in regulating growth and development, pathogen associated molecular pattern PAMP-triggered immunity PTI responses, and cell death in the model plant, Arabidopsis thaliana. Sl BIR 3 is predicted to encode a membrane localized non-arginine-aspartate non-RD kinase that, based on protein sequence, does not have autophosphorylation activity but that can be phosphorylated in vivo.

We observed that Sl BIR 3 overexpression in tomato cv. Sl BIR 3 overexpression in A. Overexpression of Sl BIR 3 in tomato cv. Transcription of the Escherichia coli biotin bio operon is directly regulated by the biotin protein ligase Bir A, the enzyme that covalently attaches biotin to its cognate acceptor proteins. Although several aspects of this regulatory system are well understood, no Bir A superrepressor mutant strains had been isolated.

Such superrepressor Bir A proteins would repress the biotin operon transcription in vivo at biotin concentrations well below those needed for repression by wild-type Bir A.

We isolated mutant strains having this phenotype by a combined selection-screening approach and resolved multiple mutations to give several bir A superrepressor alleles, each having a single mutation, all of which showed repression dominant over that of the wild-type allele. All of these mutant strains repressed bio operon transcription in vivo at biotin concentrations that gave derepression of the wild-type strain and retained sufficient ligation activity for growth when overexpressed.

All of the strains except that encoding GD Bir A showed derepression of bio operon transcription upon overproduction of a biotin-accepting protein. In Bir A, GD was a lethal mutation in single copy, and the purified protein was unable to transfer biotin from enzyme-bound biotinoyl-adenylate either to the natural acceptor protein or to a biotin-accepting peptide sequence. Consistent with the transcriptional repression data, each of the purified mutant proteins showed increased affinity for the biotin operator DNA in electrophoretic mobility shift assays.

Surprisingly, although most of the mutations were located in the catalytic domain, all of those tested, except GD Bir A, had normal ligase activity. Most of the mutations that gave superrepressor phenotypes altered residues.

Cell division in yeast is a highly regulated and well studied event. Various checkpoints are placed throughout the cell cycle to ensure faithful segregation of sister chromatids.

Unexpected events, such as DNA damage or oxidative stress, cause the activation of checkpoint s and cell cycle arrest.

Malfunction of the checkpoints may induce cell death. We previously showed that under oxidative stress, the budding yeast cohesin Mcd1, a homolog of human Rad21, was cleaved by the caspase-like protease Esp1. The cleaved Mcd1 C-terminal fragment was then translocated to mitochondria, causing apoptotic cell death. In the present study, we demonstrated that Bir 1 plays an important role in spindle assembly checkpoint and cell death.

Similar to H 2 O 2 treatment, deletion of BIR 1 using a BIR 1-degron strain caused degradation of the securin Pds1, which binds and inactivates Esp1 until metaphase-anaphase transition in a normal cell cycle.

BIR 1 deletion caused an increase level of ROS and mis-location of Bub1, a major protein for spindle assembly checkpoint. In wild type, Bub1 was located at the kinetochores, but was primarily in the cytoplasm in bir 1 deletion strain. When BIR 1 was deleted, addition of nocodazole was unable to retain the Bub1 localization on kinetochores, further suggesting that Bir 1 is required to activate and maintain the spindle assembly checkpoint.

Our study suggests that the BIR 1 function in cell cycle regulation works in concert with its anti-apoptosis function. Both BIR domains harbors an amino-terminal tetrapeptide in its peptide-binding groove. The inhibitor of apoptosis IAP family of proteins contains key modulators of apoptosis and inflammation that interact with caspases through baculovirus IAP-repeat BIR domains. Overexpression of IAP proteins frequently occurs in cancer cells, thus counteracting the activated apoptotic program.

The IAP proteins have therefore emerged as promising targets for cancer therapy. Both structures harbour an N-terminal tetrapeptide in the conserved peptide-binding groove. The structures reveal that these two proteins bind the tetrapeptides in a similar mode as do other BIR domains. In addition to shedding light on the specificity determinants of these two proteins, the structures should now also provide a framework for future structure-based work targeting these proteins.

Bazerman, Don A Moore. Detailed interactions are described for the P1'-P4' side chains of the peptide, providing a structural basis for peptide-specific recognition. An arginine side chain in the P3' position reveals favourable interactions with its hydrophobic moiety in the binding pocket, while hydrophobic residues in the P2' and P4' pockets make similar interactions to those seen in other BIR domain-peptide complexes.

Erosi gigi merupakan hilangnya lapisan email gigi karena asam. Jenis asam, pH rendah, serta kandungan kalsium, fosfat, dan fluoride pada bir dan tuak diduga merupakan faktor kimiawi penyebab erosi gigi. Tujuan penelitian ini untuk mengetahui pengaruh lama perendaman dan jenis minuman beralkohol bir dan tuak terhadap kekerasan email gigi manusia in vitro.

Penelitian ini menggunakan 14 sampel gigi premolar pertama atas. Setiap gigi dibagi menjadi 2 bagian, bukal dan palatal. Full Text Available "Dialogue systems and the structure of negotiation" We are studying the negotiations in the Estonian dialogue corpus, with the aim of identifying the typical dialogue acts and communicative strategies used in the dialogues.

Three sub-corpora have been analysed: 1 conversations between a travel agent and a customer who is planning a trip; 2 telemarketing calls where a sales clerk for an educational company argues that a customer should take a training course, and 3 everyday conversations where the initiator attempts to persuade the communication partner to perform an action.

The structure of the different types of dialogues is represented as a sequence of dialogue acts and communicative strategies. The general structure of human-human negotiation is identified and described. This structure is compared with the structure of the negotiations carried out by an experimental dialogue system.

The results can help to develop the dialogue system in order to make conversations with the system more human-like. This study approaches the changing face of Malatya which is one of the new big cities of Turkey. Change is one of the realities that can not be ignored. In social life, cities have emerged as spaces which are exposed to changes. Cities are being transformed for various reasons such as population growth, modern urbanization policies, economic interests.

In some cases, the change is damaging the essence of the city. Today, the change shows its effect in this aspect on many cities.

Malatya distinguishes itself as an city with some characteristics of economic, geographic, social and cultural. But a significant portion of these distinctive values are being succumbed in the face of change. The values which are being lost in Malatya are expressed visually by nearby dated photos. In this study similar changes, which are often internalized by most of us in everyday city life, are bringing forward once again with the example of Malatya.

Paleohydrology and paleoenvironments at Bir Sahara: Pleistocene lithostratigraphy and sedimentology in the southern Egyptian Sahara. The Bir Sahara area contains a remarkable record of Middle and Late Pleistocene hydrologic and environmental conditions for Saharan North Africa, based on lithostratigraphic and sedimentologic evidence from basin-fill deposits.


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