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Posted: Dec 15, pm. Well, I finally was able to acquire the Second Printing of this Collectors Workshop publication. I will never part with this book.

I am still working through the material and will be for years to come. Simply wonderful. Posted: Dec 16, pm.

Posted: Dec 17, am. If this is not the same book he is talking about please disregard my post. I have never hear of the above mentioned book posted. It is no longer in print. My later books refined and expanded upon what I wrote way back then. Posted: Dec 17, pm.

Bob are the hardback and the comb bound "The Art of Mentalism" essentially the same? I have the comb bound Art of Mentalism and Art of Mentalism 2.

The comb bound version of The Art of Mentalism was the original book. The contents are the same as the edition later published by Collector's Workshop.

The comb bound version - if it's an original- is VERY rare. Only around two hundred were printed. If you have both the Art of Mentalism AND the Art of Mentalism 2 combined in a single volume, it is a knockoff, as they were not released at the same time.

Best- Bob. Bob, thank you for the information. Mine are two separate books and I believe them to be originals. The Art of Mentlalism has a blue cover has a plastic sheet in front of it. I spelled the title without caps as that is how it is on the cover of the book. The inside title page has it in all caps. Those are originals. I even remember signing that one to Gene. I was sad to hear that he passed away last January. Good to know. It has pencil annotations on the Table of Contents and throughout the book.

Posted: Dec 18, am. Gene was a great creator. As "Phantini" he released some great material to the fraternity and many of his contributions can be found in the pages of Bascom Jones's "Magick. Posted: Dec 27, am. I've heard of 2 being referred to by name only, not content, but at the same time I've also heard that Cassidy never wrote AND "never will write a part 2" to The Art of Mentalism. If The Art of Mentalism was released in '82, when was the second one released?

Could I be wrong about this? Also, what does The Art of Mentalism '82 contain? Sure you can call me Bob. It's my name, after all. Quote: On , mastermindreader wrote: Sure you can call me Bob.

Posted: Aug 2, pm. Posted: Aug 5, am. I have the CW green with gold embossed writing on the cover. I have deep gratitude for the information you shared in that book.

If I do at all, that book taught me to think like a mentalist. It is one of my favorite books. It also was my first exposure to eye accessing cues. I went around experimenting with that routine all the time.

That book just feels special and it is. It opened a new world to me. Thanks Bob. Posted: Aug 19, pm. PayPal to: bryn darkmountainarts.

Kevin Blake New user 10 Posts. Rodney Palmer Inner circle Posts. Seattle, WA Posts. Gumar-Oz-Dubar I write and edit text. Where did you hear that? The Art of Mentalism 2 was released as a comb-bound physical book in the mid 90's and was later included in "The Artful Mentalism of Bob Cassidy. Thank you so much Mr. Cassidy may I call you Bob in the future? Truly insightful and I really wish that AoM wasn't out of print. Anyway, to your question, I suppose I must've been mistaken, but I could have sworn I read posts when I was a lurker, prior to signing up from YOU, that said you never had any plans to write another AoM or make AoM a series.

I do thank you for answering my inquiries though. I know that I'm new here, so I appreciate you giving me detailed info on something of which I was confused and you are knowledgeable. Best- Bob Valid points, Bob. Forgive my confusion. Be well I write and edit text. Robert P. Special user Kansas Posts. A while back I was doing some research on what was contained in each of Bob's books I was initially confusing Artful Mentalism with Art of Mentalism.

Now that I have both Artful Mentalism of Bob Cassidy books, I just wanted to help out anyone else who may have had some of the same questions that I did. Please let me know if I have anything stated incorrectly. Waters Inner circle Posts. Thanks Bob www. You make me glad I wrote it.

I just that a work such as this still has great legs All Rights Reserved. This page was created in 0.


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