Compatible with: , [[compatibleWith]]. Upgrading or Adding Equipment to your lab? Inquire today for pricing and Details. Diamond Diagnostics Inc. Establishment registration and device listing can be found under ID: Diamond has been registered with the Food and Drug Administration since and regulated by its cGMP system requirements.

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We also provide reagents and outstanding service and support for these products for all our clients. Now, clinical laboratories no longer have to sacrifice quality and service in order to get equipment for an affordable price. Carolina Liquid Chemistries is an FDA-registered and ISO-certified manufacturer, re-packager, and re-labeler of clinical chemistry instruments and reagents.

Customers of Carolina Liquid Chemistries benefit from outstanding quality and value, along with excellent service and support both before, during, and after purchase. We follow Good Manufacturing Practices GMP and follow controlled standing operating procedures to properly tear down, clean, disinfect and rebuild, along with meeting required performance qualifications prior to shipment.

All customers receive the documentation with their refurbished chemistry analyzer, including the operator manual, a warranty document, a quality assurance certificate, and a certificate of testing.

Benefits include improved chemistries, barcoded special chemistries and laboratory savings of thousands of dollars in reagent costs. Service contracts are available with service engineers available to perform on-site repair and technical representatives available to offer on-site training.

Carolina Liquid Chemistries delivers quality products and exceptional service for reference and clinical laboratories throughout the United States. All Rights Reserved. Please read our Terms and Conditions. Please note that we currently do not provide service or products to an international audience. If you are interested in contacting us, please use the form below. With every refurbished Olympus AU, BioLIS 24i, or CLC, Carolina Liquid Chemistries provides a range of features and services: A one-year warranty to protect your laboratory from serious expenses if the purchased item has to be repaired or replaced.

A free hotline you can call for support, if you have questions about the products performance. Installation at a time that is convenient for your company, so you can get you new purchase up and running on your own timeline. An operator training course at a time that is also convenient, in order to ensure the purchased equipment can be operated correctly.

Validation assistance: an extra set of hands for data reduction. A pre-installation site survey in order to help ensure that the purchased equipment will meet your dedicated space requirements in the clinical laboratory.

An on-site service response time of 24 hours or less, so you can get any issues addressed and get back to work. Let us share our stories with you. First Last. Phone


BiOLiS 24i

This low-cost, eco-friendly benchtop chemistry analyzer has a menu of tests, including general chemistry, special chemistry, and drugs of abuse tests. It can run over tests per hour and can analyze 3—30uL of serum, plasma, or urine using endpoint, rate, and turbidimetry analytical methods. Bi-directional interface and barcoded primary tube sampling provide positive sample ID and eliminate the need for instrument programming. The system uses semi-permanent reaction cuvettes and an integrated distilled water system to eliminate the need for expensive disposable cuvettes and water cubes. A thorough, step cuvette wash station administers heated alkaline and acid washes before and after each run.






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