His wife of 65 years, Frances Rose Vosti, is also a resident, and was in the same room at Bill's passing. At 88 years old, he still had A great man, a great little league coach who inspired confidence in me as a pre-teen on his team. I'm certain many others who crossed his path will say the same. My condolences to Gordon and the rest of the Vosti family. Gus Meza.

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What is exceptional with this book is that it approachs everything you have to know about 6max cash floats, squeeze, barrels, cbets, bluff raise, stats When you read it, it seems that every sentence is important, and that's the case.

Every sentence is something like a concentrate of very important principle of poker. I have never seen a book so complete in this sense. During all the book and especially in the part which speaks about lag, tag, nit, fish, maniac , the author will speak about opponent's stats and that's by far the best thing I have see about stats, simple but clear and useful.

Something that was also great was his approach with the moves a TAG makes to be unreadable and hyper hard to play, you will learn how to mix your game with strong move like shoving draws, bluff-raising to defend your blind on the flop, or the preflop Button float against a TAG weak CO stealer A great chart of starting hand is present with the book in a separate file. The authors write in an easy style, agreeable to read.

This book is not a beginner's book and the overall content reach some advanced concepts. I think every player can learn from this book even some advanced one.

This book is very good to reorganize your mind and will put every concept in a clear order in your head, that's great. Often during my read I said something like: "Yeha, that's so true!

I don't have see it but there is good review about those vids. Vids are 40 minutes each for a total of 2 hours. You can also downlaod for free 2 other vids on his site but it takes a long time to have an answere to your e-mail to have the link to watch those free vids.

Now, the cons. When you finish the book or during the read, you have the sensation that subjects are a little bit looked over quickly. That's true in a sense, because some subjects are treated in few lines.

The author don't go very deeply in concepts he accosts. Nevertheless, like I have said, his material is so concentrated that every sentence is a poker-key and it compensate in part the lack of depth. When he had wrote his book, the 3-bet stat wasn't avaible in trackers. Thus the 3bet don't have "numerical value" in this book but the subject is treated very well with other ways.

Furthermore, the author is making a new book or update I don't know which will speak precisely about this stat! Finally, this book is a must read , even if sometimes a deeper approach would be appreciated, a more mathematical one. Generally, when you buy a book, a lot of concept are not approached, but in this book almost all you need is present. This is great to shorten your learn process. You will learn more by reading this book only than 20 other ones.

To go more deeply in some concepts, you have to find other ways like forums, articles or other books. But the essential is said with this book, and the material is so dense that you will have a lot to work to internalize everything.

Al1 p. That's a great review thanks for posting it. I'm currently reading BVG and it's great so far. Anyways, are you going to get Secrets of short-handed no limit hold'em? Thanks, Yojimgari. Originally Posted by Yojimgari.

Danny Ashman is releasing a book later this year called Secrets of short-handed no limit hold'em. Good luck, Yojimgari. Good well argued review. Originally Posted by gathart. Can someone post a link where I can buy this book? Originally Posted by balk.

Originally Posted by dirty banana Apparently Bill Vosti hasn't found a lot of customers for his book yet Originally Posted by Wall-E. I bought the book and thought it was an excellent refresher, will def go back over it. I like the book. Having read several poker books, it is clear that he is a better writer than some other authors.

He also offers information that is quite helpful to anyone new to the game. Some of it may also benefit more experienced players, I don't know. Originally Posted by chillout Originally Posted by digit. I'm also wondering that. What style is Bill's book tailored towards i. Originally Posted by Snook. Snook: It's definitely TAG in terms of overall numbers. I don't understand how he considers a TAG's 3bet calling range is any pair.

I can't remember where in the book you'll find this, but somewhere where the author tries to explain equity. Obvously playing bb stacks you don't get implied odds to setmine with a small pair, when you raise PF and get 3bet. BB code is On. Smilies are On. Forum Rules. All times are GMT The time now is PM. Computer Technical Help Programming. User Name. Remember Me? Mark Forums Read. Books and Publications Discussion and reviews of books, videos, and magazines. Page 1 of 2. Thread Tools.

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