I love to fast. This extreme method brought me to my knees in a matter of days and almost drove me crazy. These two methods are a real pleasure to me and so I treat myself with a fasting week around 3 to 4 times a year. This article provides you with a short and rather superficial overview on my experience with different forms of fasting. For more details, I recommend to look for other blogs or books on the topic. This is the softest option I know.

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I love to fast. This extreme method brought me to my knees in a matter of days and almost drove me crazy. These two methods are a real pleasure to me and so I treat myself with a fasting week around 3 to 4 times a year. This article provides you with a short and rather superficial overview on my experience with different forms of fasting. For more details, I recommend to look for other blogs or books on the topic. This is the softest option I know. I remember for example how a friend told me she was now following an alkaline diet, and thus ordered a hot chocolate with soy milk instead of a cappuccino.

Their rules allow only fruit, vegetables, seeds and certain nuts, as well as a lot of water and diluted herbal infusions. My main motivation for this kind of fasting is the urge for a soft way of detoxing. After rather unhealthy periods, my body and soul just crave a detox to feel fit and comfortable again.

As I work in the food sector and can be called a professional foodie one of those annoying people who take pictures of their food and plan city trips following their appetite , such periods are a recurring part of my life. Especially around holidays like Christmas or when I visit gourmet food fairs. Then I drink alcohol almost every day and eat a lot of sumptuous food.

My first experience with fasting dates back approximately 4 or 5 years. I felt the need to detox and also to lose one or two kilos to be more comfortable in my skin. Up to that day I had no experience whatsoever with fasting. I get very grumpy then. As our organs need different milieus to function — some more acid, some more basic or alkaline — our body is permanently working to balance the right equilibrium. Acids are naturally produced by our body and also naturally eliminated through breathing and sweating as well as other metabolic processes in our lungs and kidneys.

At the same time, we take in acids through the food we eat. If this food is too acid, the balance shifts. The result is hyperacidity. In its attempt to restore the balance, our body takes calcium from our bones, which is needed to break down the acids, and stores excess acid in the connective tissue. The results are tattiness and fatigue, as well as flaccid, pale skin. You might also feel slightly depressed and some argue, that other severe diseases such as osteoporosis, migraine and rheumatism are symptoms for hyperacidity.

This is why we need to take care to supply our bodies with enough alkaline forming foods to counterbalance the acids. Now what are alkaline forming foods? All of them, even sour tasting fruits like citrus fruit or tomatoes. Of course, you should, however, reduce their intake and eat more fruit and vegetables, if you want to keep your acid-base-balance.

They are a great alternative to rice and pasta! Even a few days are great. You can start spontaneously and without any special preparation or planning. In case of need, you can get rid of all sorts of pain, unpleasant side effects, low moods etc.

We Germans are known for being a little obsessed with digestion-related topics …. You can find it at your local pharmacy or online. You can also use laxatives, but I personally prefer the irrigator, as it renders the effects more controllable.

Just see what works best for you. The energy intake is still based on food, external energy. Of course you should also go slow on alcohol and coffee.

But as always: Just listen to your body. My nutrition is mainly vegan anyway, which makes the whole detoxing easier for me then for a heavy consumer of meat, sugar and coffee, for example. Still, I have to admit that some days into the cure I regularly start to fantasise about a creamy oatmilk cereal cappuccino. How fit I am, how fast I get cold and so on … I also like to explore and experiment with the seasonal food options. Autumn and winter are a pure soup parade think pumpkin, sweet potato, cauliflower … , whereas spring and summer are perfect for colourful salads, fruit salad and steamed veggies with a little olive oil and lemon.

You want a list to help you navigate? Here is a list of alkaline forming foods. If you want to follow the Wacker method as I did, leave out the tofu, dairy and bread. The next level of fasting I have tried, is the Buchinger method of juice fasting, developed by the German doctor Otto Buchinger.

With this method your only intake consists of highly diluted fruit or vegetable juices, vegetable broth and of course liters and liters of water and diluted herbal teas. Make sure you drink around 3 liters daily. Juice and broth should be organic, since you want to detox your body and not feed it with the chemical additives most industrial foods contain.

The daily caloric intake of this method is of only to calories per day. Your body switches into a different mode, in which all the energy is taken from endogenous reserves.

The cure begins with a preparation day, for which I like to eat the same light meal for breakfast, lunch and dinner, for example oatmeal, rice, salad, vegetable soup … This is a good way of tuning your metabolism down into the new mode. I have been juice fasting four times now and each time my body switched modes with relative ease. Usually on the first morning, I felt as though the shift had already taken place over night. No feeling of hunger or wanting whatsoever.

It rather felt as if my body had already begun to happily munch on its own reserves. And if you ever encounter any difficulty, you now know the magic formula: enema! This is important for the production of gastric juices, which are needed to make good use of the nutrients you take in. If you feel like your having circulatory problems you can suck on a lemon or snack a little bit of honey. I sometimes have a little more. If you go on a tea or juice fast see further below for tea fasting it is essential to regularly cleanse your bowel, as it will pretty soon cease all activity due to the complete lack of solid food intake.

However, as it is so long, it takes time to empty completely! So, in order to avoid that old excrements — sorry for that! Do it at least every other day, if needed daily, depending on how you feel. What we usually take for stomach growls, really are bowel growls! I rather find it super fascinating how fast my body adjusts and what it is capable of, even without food.

Appetite is another thing and I do sometimes temporarily crave certain foods, but this goes away and is not too hard, as I know that the fast will end at some point. Staying away from instagram also helps. The detoxing affects your entire body.

This means, you are also detoxing through your skin and mucous membranes, which can lead to stronger body odor, an increase of tongue coating, dimples etc. Good reasons to retreat to the countryside for the duration of the fasting. When I have the time, I like to do that and just take some time out in the countryside. What I do experience is a slightly furry mouth feeling. If you have a hard time putting up with it, you can eat vegan and sugar free licorice.

This reduces the furry feeling and hydrates your mouth which can dry out at times. The fasting ends with the famous fast-breaking, the first intake of solid food, which immediately propulses your body back into its usual mode of external energy intake. The classic way to break the fast is to eat an apple, either raw or steamed. But you can also take a pear or a boiled potato or whatever you want. The fast-breaking is about enjoying your food with all senses.

I believe this happens naturally, as it just tastes so good. I like to break my fast with a steamed apple. Its sweet smell has already brought me to tears more than once. The first bite is ecstatic. Like a whole-mouth-orgasm. When the skin bursts under your teeth and the juice is splashing into your mouth, your taste buds are having a party and go crazy like children on Christmas Eve.

But watch out: Even if you enjoy the food a lot, you have to eat super slow and not too much. Your stomach and bowel could simply not handle it and would react with strong pain. After the breaking of the fast comes the readjustment phase, which should be 2 days at least. There is a simple rule of thumb you can follow: the readjustment is a third of the whole fasting period.

During the readjustment you slowly and carefully increase the caloric intake again:. Animal products, coffee, alcohol and strong spices are still taboo. In the following days, you should continue to be careful with the intake of fat and animal products. Flatulent foods such as beans, peas and kale are also a little heavy to digest, so you might want to wait a little with these as well. For most of my juice fasting cures I fled to the countryside with a good friend.

But I also already fasted all by myself while working. It also worked well, but I prefer to take some time off in order to really concentrate on the fasting. Ideally, you find yourself a spot on the countryside, close to a lake, a forest … where you can spend your days outside in the fresh air and be active.


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