About this title Doing the Right Thing Addie Winter is single-just one more reason for disappointment in her permanently disapproving mother's eyes. There's nothing she wants more than to be loved but when her own mother can't bring herself to love her, she wonders if anyone can. What she needs is a man-real would be ideal, but she'll settle for pretend. Anything to shut her mother up. Will Mansell chokes on his drink when Addie offers Full description "synopsis" may belong to another edition of this title.

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Start your review of Doing the Right Thing Mansell Brothers, 1 Write a review Shelves: contemp , e-book This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Addie was no exception to her mold. This is the 5th book by Barbara Elsborg that I've read, and she hasn't let me down yet in this area.

To me this is an extremely important facet in the books that I love. The other thing that I've seen is characteristic to a Barbara Elsborg book is an imperfect hero. I have mixed feelings about Doing the Right Thing when defining who in fact is the hero of this book because this one kind of had two. Addie needs a man.

And not just any man. In a matter of sheer desperation to get her mother off her back about it, she has created a tall, dark and handsome fictional boyfriend. Things become exceedingly bad when Addie's family who haven't met her mystery man begin to question whether or not he exists.

He doesn't of course, but that doesn't stop Addie from bringing him home to show her brother that "Noah" is a real person. Ed and Will Mansel are at a hotel gym when they see Addie. Ed is the first to notice this tall, clumsy and absolutely lovely woman. When she spots Ed's dark haired brother Will, she embarrassingly asks him to spend the night and pretend to be her boyfriend Noah.

He agrees, and so it begins. Addie quickly falls for Will in all his gentlemanly, handsome glory. But when she gives in and lets him have her virginity, she's not prepared for the beautiful, crazy almost ex-wife that comes along with him. But with the way she has been shunned and shut down her entire life, it was obvious to see why she behaved the way she did, and continuously let Will come back to her bed and her heart again and again.

She so wanted to be loved and claimed by someone. Will would offer her his tenderness and devotion for a isolated amount of time, but then he would quickly pull his affection back every time his crazy ex-wife would wrap her manipulative tentacles around him.

I didn't completely blame Will for running hot and cold with Addie. He was torn, between a new love and tying up the loose ends with the old one. He had been hurt, manipulated and let down by his ex so many times, that his perception of reality was severely distorted.

But even with my slight understanding of why Will would run full throttle toward Addie and then just as quickly back up and run in the opposite direction, I couldn't bring myself to like him. He was a moron for continuously falling for Vee the ex's crap. In just about every situation where he was forced to make a decision which involved Vee, I disagreed with his solution and wanted to kick him in the nuts for it.

He continuously crushed Addie's heart. At no time did I feel bad for Will and his emotional turmoil. At no time did I not think he deserved everything that happened to him and more for bringing it all on himself. Again, he was a complete, spineless, dumbass. Hurt me once shame on you, hurt me twice, three, four, infinity times, shame on me. This book had that cliche' in spades. The only person throughout the entire book who showed Addie complete kindness is Will's brother Ed.

He is a playboy with a reputation for loving and leaving women, but he loves his brother, and he just wants his brother to find happiness. And more than anything, get away from Vee. Though he really had a backseat position to Will and Addie, Ed was my favorite character. In the end I enjoyed Doing the Right Thing but the only times I was truly moved and heart sick were the times when Ed would either think or express his feelings.

Those times were usually followed by a sense of helplessness and hopelessness that he would ever really have Addie's heart. But because of his lack of page time I felt the relationship between Addie and Ed was rushed and left me wanting more. Almost the entire book was Will's drama followed up with Will's drama and a little more Will drama on the side.

Poor Ed, if you went by sheer page time and the time he was given to build a relationship with Addie, he shouldn't have stood a chance. In the end I was overjoyed with Addie's choice, but felt left wanting more. More of Addie and Ed. And the way Addie's choice played out, with all the love showering on Will throughout almost the entire book, and the lack of attention given to Ed, I just couldn't buy the reasoning behind why she chose the way she did.


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Doing The Right Thing



Doing the Right Thing


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