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Steve Vai is a pyrotechnic guitar genius. For a song that sounds so harsh, ironically, it is about an old western showdown on horseback. You would think he would have gone back to the roots of most music and played out a few simple but catchy chords and would have been done.

NO WAY! This song is played using a slide for parts of it. This song is in drop D tuning. In drop D tuning the low E string is tuned down one whole step to D. This enables the guitarist to play power chords with a single finger. If your favorite band uses drop D tuning and you want to experiment with this tuning, by all means do so. To tune your guitar to drop D tuning, first make sure your tuned to standard tuning.

See the picture below. You can use the audio clip below to tune your low E string to D for drop D tuning. First, look closely at the tablature. The first measure starts you off playing a slide WITH a slide. If you cannot find an actual slide around your house, you may find a glass bottle about the size of a beer bottle or an old-style coke bottle glass of course. Begin by placing the slide on your 2nd finger.

What you will want to do is slide it to the sixth fret on all of the same strings. Now, practice with trying to hear that distinctive sound by pushing lighter or harder on the strings. You will know when it sounds right. Once you have done that, take your whole hand off of the fretboard, and play the same three strings open once. Then you will want to go back to using your 2nd finger and play the second fret of the same strings we have used the whole time, and slide to the third fret of the same strings.

Immediately after you do that you will want to barely accent that third fret one more time and then when going up the neck, lift off of your fingers and strike the strings once more lightly to the open position. Now, all of that should have been performed with your 2nd finger. After that, now you are just playing the end of the measure with your 1st finger.

Play the same strings as you have from the beginning, and go from the second to the third fret, lift off your finger and play that once, then go back to the second fret. Then you will go to the third fret of the same strings, back to the second fret, and then open one last time to finish this measure. Seems much easier than it looks huh? For the second measure, you will basically be playing the same kind of arrangement, with just different frets.

Start by playing the last note of the first measure in the beginning of the second measure open notes on the same strings you used from the beginning. Now instead of going from the fifth fret to the sixth fret, you just need to do the exact opposite and play it the same way. After you have done the slide WITH a slide, play those same strings open once. Notice what is next. It is the same thing you did from the first measure that was a slide WITH a slide.

You then play the next notes open. Here is where you will notice that the song is changing a bit on you. You will need to perform this slide doing the same thing that you did when you started the riff, except this time you go from the seventh fret to the ninth fret on the same strings. After that you let off of the strings and play the notes open once.

Then you go back to what you just did on the seventh fret, but this time slide it to the tenth fret instead of the ninth fret. The trill is all on the tenth fret of the same strings, so when you play the tenth fret, play it as fast as you can of course in time with the song , and then slide down the neck. You are finished! Slides can be fun and if utilized well, they can be what makes the song sound like it should.

He used a slide for that song. Guitar Alliance. Bad Horsie by Steve Vai. Part 1 First, look closely at the tablature. Part 2 For the second measure, you will basically be playing the same kind of arrangement, with just different frets. Previous: Previous post: Greed by Godsmack. Search for:. About Privacy Policy Refund Policy. Search Search for:.


Bad Horsie tab by Steve Vai

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Bad Horsie


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