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By Houston , February 1, in Gear Anarchy. Exploring my options to upgrade the electronics with the goals of cruising and some double handed racing. Most electronics onboard are ancient, but the autopilot is a newer addition from previous owner and seems to work well.

In your experience, is this a reliable and capable autopilot? I would happily save some money by keeping the existing autopilot and stick with Raymarine for new instruments. The ST is actually just the control head. The linear drive model depends on whether it's electric or hydraulic, the weight rating, and the stroke length. The missing information in your post is the model of the autopilot "brain" itself.

Look belowdecks for that. I've had good experience with Raymarine. The equipment has been reliable and customer service on autopilot very good. I've had to service high wear areas on occassion and due to a lightning strike; ST for 15 years, now an S1 for the last Also have ST 40 depth for 25 years. All goood. The ST60 Fluxgate provides heading information to the autopilot.

The easiest would be to get a new MFD that is Seatalk compatible- then its plug and play. You can adapt the existing to Seatalk ng just be aware of the need to do so, and understand specifically how you will make the adaption. We had a ST, connected to a S1 unit the brain , with an external rate gyro, an ST60 fluxgate and a type two linear drive, for approximately 15 years.

In order to get full functionality we also needed to replace the control head, but we retained the linear drive. You also need to look at the AIS from this standpoint as well. So you definitely can keep the autopilot, they are good units , an all its pieces, and your ST instrument package, you just need to go through converter s to connect them to a new MFD.

We have one since and works fine, but we do not use it much. Yet when we do it is several days in a row. And even if you keep the you could use non-Raymarine instruments. The and the VHF are the only electronics we have from Raymarine, communicated to the rest via NMEA ; the only problem is that we have two electronic compasses, three if you count the one built-in the GPS antenna Lowrance Point I have had ST60s and the since Short money.

Make sure you have gyro and rudder indicator too. Well down on my list of boat upgrades. Archived This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies. Raymarine ST Autohelm - good or bad? By Houston , February 1, in Gear Anarchy raymarine st autohelm wwyd. Recommended Posts. Posted February 1, Share this post Link to post Share on other sites.

Learn something new every day! Posted February 2, I keep what works until it doesn't. Posted February 4, Sign In Sign Up.


Raymarine Autohelm 6000 Manuals

Quick Links. Distributed by. Table of Contents. Raymarine s autopilot system: installation guide 37 pages. Page 3 Autohelm is simple to install and prepare for sea trials.


Raymarine Autohelm 6000 User Manual

Home Forum Gallery Library. City: Beaverton, Ontario. Well short and sweet. A friend of mine upgraded his electronics to a whole new Raymarine package and in the process removed the old, not sure how old, Autohelm He has given it to me knowing I have no autopilot at all. So my question s. Is it too old, should I just chuck it out?


Raymarine Autohelm 6000 Control Head

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Raymarine Autohelm 6000 Z051 Marine Autopilot Course Computer


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