No light Blinking Wireless is disabled. There is wireless traffic. The alarm LED will be red. The router is connected to ADSL.

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No light Blinking Wireless is disabled. There is wireless traffic. The alarm LED will be red. The router is connected to ADSL. ADSL is not connected. There is ADSL traffic. Router is connected to the. No connection to the. Check if the cable is connected to the router.

No light ADSL is connected. Check if the router is plugged in and if the power switch is turned ON. Restart Using a pointed object such as a ballpen, press the button for less than four seconds. Default settings Using a pointed object such as a ballpen, press the button for four seconds or longer. RJ connects the unit to an Ethernet device such as a PC or a switch. NOTE: To be used by maintenance professionals only. If the router needs repair, bring it to a service professional.

RJ cable connects to the splitter provided. To ensure the connection quality, use CAT5 Ethernet cable to connect your network devices, such as desktop computers and network printers.

We recommend using wired connection for initial configuration, which may help avoid possible setup problems due to wireless uncertainty. A login window appears.

The default username is admin, password is admin in lower case. To set up the router, refer to Quick Setup in the next section. To set up the advanced functions, refer to the next chapters for detailed information. Key in in the address box of your web browser and press Enter.

A login window appears for the username and password. After logging in, you can see the WL-AMg configuration page. ADSL setup 1. By default, the Quick Setup page pops up. Refer to pages for manual setting instructions. Wireless setup 1. Choose a Security Level.

For detailed security information, refer to pages Enter a key in the Key field. The number of digit for the key depends on the security level you choose. The summary page is displayed. Otherwise, click Back to modify the settings. The system reboots in 60 seconds. The web page automatically refreshes to display the device information. ADSL Setup 1. Select your connection type and click Next. You can get the connection type from your ISP.

Choose the security level then enter a key. The number of digit of your key depends on the security level you choose.

Refer to the note on the web page. When finished, click Next. WL-AMg reboots in about 50 seconds. The green bar shows the current rebooting status. After rebooting, the web page automatically refreshes to display the settings.

Select Connect to an existing wireless Station radio button and click Next to continue. Click Next to continue. It takes several seconds for the wireless card to associate with WL-AMg. Set up the IP address of the W Card based to your network environment. After the setup is completed, click Finish to exit the One Touch Wizard. Double-click the wireless network icon on the task bar to view available networks.

Select your wireless router and click Connect. The connection is completed within several seconds. To connect a wireless router, or to form a wireless bridge system, all wireless routers or APs or clients must have the same SSID. To set up an SSID: 1. Select Enable Wireless checkbox. Setting up a wireless security To protect your wireless network, you need to set up a security mechanism at both WL-AMg and the wireless clients. Network authentication Network authentication uses certain types of mechanism to identify authenticated wireless clients.

It can authenticate users with different levels of access rights. The former solution adopts Pre-Shared Key for authentication, and the latter uses the existing Combination of letters, numbers and non-alphanumeric characters is recommended for ensuring security. Encryption is used to convert plain text data into unreadable codes with certain type of algorithm before capsulation for wireless transmission. It uses 64 or bit static keys. Key in a passphrase to let the system generate the WEP keys.

It offers stronger protection and greatly increases the complexity of wireless encryption. Select this option to enable both. How to setup wireless security Open 1. Select bit or bit Encryption Strength for key length then click Set Encryption Keys button to set up the keys. If you do not want to encrypt data, select Disable in WEP Encryption and skip to Step After clicking the Set Encryption Keys button, you are directed to another page to set up the keys.

To obtain system-generated keys, select Enable ASUS PassPhrase and key in a passphrase, and the system automatically generates four network keys for you. Take note of the passphrase if any and keys. Shared 1. Shared mode use the same WEP keys for both encryption and authentication. Refer to Open mode Step 4 for key configuration.

Select You can choose to enable or disable data encryption. Click Set Encryptioin Keys button to set up the keys. By default, the Network Re-auth Interval is seconds. Set up this value based on your network environment. Set up the WPA encryption methods. You can also enable WEP client to access your wireless network. Select bit or bit Encryption Strength for key length then click Set Encryptioin Keys button to set up the keys. The key is masked by the system.

Then click Click here to display link, you can see the key displayed in a separate window. To set up MAC filter: 1. Select the restriction mode for the filter: select Allow to allow the client and deny the rest; select Deny to deny the client and allow the rest. By default, the filter is set to Disable which allows all clients. Click Add to create a filter.

Type the MAC address of the wireless client you want to allow or block. To set up WDS, the wireless routers must meet the following requirements: 1. Using the same encryption. Working on the same channel. The IP addresses of all wireless bridges are within the same subnet.

WDS enabled. For uplink wireless router, MAC addresses of all bridging router must be saved. Refer to the illustration on the next page. Setting up encryption If you want to use the encryption function, select a Network Authentication mode.


Asus WLAM604g User Manual

If you did not see your router's ip address in the list above. There are 2 additional ways that you can determine your router's IP address:. Now that you have your router's Internal IP Address we are ready to login to it. The Asus AMG has a web interface for configuration. You can use any web browser you like to login to the Asus AMG. In this example we'll use Internet Explorer.


Hardware overview, Front panel – Asus WL-AM604g User Manual

But if you do not have the manual for your router or you do not want to read the whole manual to find the default login information then you can use the quick guide below. To get to the router login page it's necessary that you are connected to the router. Open your web browser e. Chrome, Firefox, Opera or any other browser Type

FT2232 PDF

Asus WL-AM604g User Manual


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