Historical Version s - view previous versions of standard. More D This test method is suitable for the evaluation of yarns as they occur in the finished fabric, when that information is needed. If a sufficient number of consecutive specimens were tested, however, a close agreement with Option 1 of Test Method D can be expected.

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Vartest Laboratories, Inc. Vartest Laboratories was chosen to perform a Spectrophotometric Analysis of the stains on the returned garments to discover just how many of the selected drycleaners were able to remove the stains the best. Vartest Laboratories now offers Same Day Service for select testing where it is feasible to do so. Check out the rest of the conditions as well as the tests we offer for Same Day Service on our Feasibility List. Comments 1. Video links to details of the meeting are below:.

This new standard will be effective on January 1, and will become mandatory on January 1, Current strong interest in reducing levels of flame retardants used in home furnishings have resulted in the adoption of a new standard focusing on cigarette smoldering rather than open flame as the challenge.

To pass the new test, both smolder-resistant cover fabrics and barrier fabrics placed under the upholstery fabric are commonly used technologies. This new test method, TB, is the first activity in this particular area of flammability testing in forty years. It is another example of a consensus-based furniture flammability test that helps keep consumers safe.

Vartest conducts a variety of flammability testing on fabrics, garments, furniture, rigid materials, and more. We anticipate serving the needs of our clients as consensus standard test methods and product performance specifications continue to evolve. Vartest has developed an updated Test Request form specifically devoted to Anti Microbial finish testing.

The form makes it easier and less confusing to submit samples for anti-microbial testing. It serves to confirm which options of the test methods are being requested by the client and also lets the client know in advance of the detail that will appear on their report when Vartest completes it.

All of these tests are run with one or more of:. For additional detail on submitting samples, price and turn time please contact Sharon Lafaurie cltserv vartest. Adam Varley started their tour off with a Powerpoint Presentation on high visibility safety apparel testing and explained to the students how such tests help to evaluate the quality of the products that find their way into our laboratory. A great time was had by all and Vartest looks forward to another visit soon.

By passing this evaluation, Vartest has demonstrated excellence in the following qualities as defined by A2LA:. We at Vartest extend our sincere thanks to A2LA for their recognition, and will continue to serve our clients with our diverse and ever-growing range of test procedures.

The article discusses the qualities and standards associated with high-visibility garments; in it, Vartest outlines the necessary laboratory qualifications and material parameters needed to ensure that high-visibility materials meet official standards.

Vartest Technical Director Adam R. Varley at Eurosatory. So named because it was originally held by the French Army Experimental Unit in the Satory Military Camp near Versailles, the exhibition steadily grew from its inception. The first formal Eurosatory exhibition was held the following year, in Tactical vest display.

Vartest tests similar materials for qualities such as coverage, durability, and thermal protective performance. As defense budgets continue to shrink worldwide , it becomes ever more vital to ensure that current equipment is tested and functional.

Vartest provides fabric and textile testing services for a wide variety of defense and security providers, using its ISO quality system to provide trusted, independent third-party test reports which support bids, solicitations, and ongoing programs.

Our presence at Eurosatory demonstrates that, regardless of economic climate, we will continue to offer prompt, accurate testing to ensure that all defense products meet or exceed standards of excellence. Three-dimensional model of a Di 2-ethylhexyl phthalate, or DEHP, one of the most common phthalates in use. Phthalates are compounds of phthalic acid widely used as plasticizers, chemical compounds which increase the strength and malleability of plastics.

Found in or on the majority of plastic or polymeric products worldwide, including toys, textiles, garments, and upholstery, phthalates and plasticizers in general are produced and used by the millions of tons per annum. The filtered solution is then subjected to gas chromatography and mass spectrometry GCMS to isolate and identify the resultant phthalates.

Samples are monitored using both full scan mode and selected ion monitoring SIM , and our machinery runs a quality control sample each day. Vartest offers services under CPSIA testing standards for a diverse clientele, and will continue to expand its testing capabilities. All of them are interfaced with state of the art color management and communication software. These instruments provide objective, quantitative visual color measurement and assessment as well as shade sorting, shade grouping and banding, tapering, lab dip approval as well as objective rating of colorfastness test results such as crocking, laundering, light, storage and perspiration.

QTX files can be generated and emailed by Vartest containing digital color information on standards, lab dips, production samples and fabric rolls destined for the cutting table. Instrumental color measurement systems are operated by experienced technologists with specialized training in color measurement. Client Login Username. Vartest Offers Same Day Testing! Recent News Archives. We'd love to hear from you!


Standard Test Method for Yarn Number Based on Short-Length Specimens (Withdrawn 2010)



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