Post a Comment. Me Links Czech Basics. Thursday, October 18, Assimil Czech. I am currently in Paris, France, on my year abroad. Clearly, this means that at the moment, Czech is not my biggest focus. However, in February, I am going to the Czech Republic for five months, so maybe it would be worth making a few efforts to improve my Czech, which, after an entire summer of not speaking it, I have mostly forgotten.

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Beginner questions welcome! I started Russian a few weeks ago, so I am not very familiar with the Slavic languages. However I am quickly getting accustomed to the grammatical patterns though. Usually I do some beginning course and then some grammar with Assimil. But being in an Anglophone country, Czech learning books are not very numerous.

Kind of like Norwegian, trying to find resources to suit a plan was like multiple tooth extraction because it took weeks trying to search for stuff as well as accessible stuff to be shipped. What are some CEFR-styled grammar written like fill in the blanks, practise case and conjugations, sentences and sintax, etc. I screwed up the pronunciation slightly at first but I think that I am getting back on track. I always like watching native television and listening to native radio too.

What are a good apps for the phone, and if possible, a live stream TV player? I started Czech for a while in for fun as a child from one of my mother's books. I remember vaguely rules of pronunciation, alphabet, and greetings, but not too much else. So technically it was a first "L2", kind of, anyway I am returning back to it. My mother kept telling me about every month for the past few years, "Why not go back and learn Czech like when you were a boy?

She promised to buy me the Assimil Czech method in full when my birthday comes so A few things I have found out: These days, there are several courses leading up to B2. There is as well the czechpod mutation but I don't know how much content there is, considering their varying quality and limited content when it comes even to langauges of the popularity of Swedish and Polish. What is much harder to find are the grammar workbooks and such things.

Out of the foreign ones, I used another book from this series and it was good: Czech: An Essential Grammar What is a good thing is the fact you can use some of the tools designed for czechs learning English without any trouble. One side Czech, the other English. Dictionaries of all sorts I can recommend a good and user friendly slovnik. There is quite a lot of bilingual readers. Online tv: surely ceskatelevize. The private channels may have the region limits or only paid online services.

Lots of things can be found online though including whole libraries of ebooks. Some older movies are on youtube, just as a lot of music. If you want to browse mostly websites in Czech, try seznam. It is a relict many czechs still keep using. Memrise appears to have quite a lot of courses for Czech learners but I don't know much about those. Eventually, the rigors of working on several languages simultaneously dampened my enthusiasm and this project never got out of the garage.

Nonetheless, I did prepare a list of some basic materials that might be useful for beginners. Indiana University Celtie Recorded Materials Archives This site has free audio files that were recorded to accompany some older texts.

I mention it because the audio files are available on the Celtie site. Harkins Once again, this is a fairly old course, ! Other Celtie Textbooks You can search the Internet for additional textbooks matching the recorded archives. JLU Archives Learn how to call in an air-strike! Accordingly, the notes would be a little skeletal. Still, for a seasoned language-learner like yourself, they could be quite useful. Slavica Publishers Slavica Publishers specializes in Slavic languages.

Here is the list of their current listings. They might even know whether or not audio recordings exist for their "Contemporary Czech" textbook and, if so, where to locate them. That is, based on my experiences with Routledge Colloquial Polish, their Czech course is probably fairly thorough. It would probably take one to something approaching the A2 level provided one put in the necessary hours of study. I suspect that the negative reviews reflect the opinions of English-speaking students who are not quite aware just how much of effort is required to learn a Slavic language.

Furthermore, I would expect that the audio recordings would be delivered at a speed approaching that of native speakers and that this can seem like an insurmountable barrier for some beginners.

PS: Routledge also publishes a Czech Grammar and, based on my experiences with their grammars for other languages, it is probably well-written. Although, generally speaking, I afford particular attention to negative reviews on Amazon, I would tend to discount the few negative ones on this particular series.

My experiences with two other Slavic language Pimsleur programmes, Polish and Russian, were not as positive as they were with the programmes for German, Spanish, Dutch, and Italian. Despite having purchased a simple grammar and dictionary to accompany the Polish and Russian courses, I found the approach simply too labourious. That is, trying to infer the grammar and decipher the case endings and anticipate verb tenses, all the while working backwards from the afore-mentioned supplementary materials, was simply not worth the additional effort.

Ciao for now! Last edited by Speakeasy on Wed Aug 05, pm, edited 2 times in total. I will certainly find their free material useful. Perhaps that useful I fill actually buy some colloquial books! Speakeasy one of your biggest fans! I created those for review, but I'm currently focusing more on Japanese and Spanish.

But why are so many people learning Czech right now? I mean, it is just as good or just as bad choice as most middle sized languages, but why now? Is it like fashion? Jump to. Who is online Users browsing this forum: No registered users and 2 guests.


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