The helicopter is built by the Kazan Helicopters division of Russian Helicopters. Deliveries of the new passenger version of the Ansat helicopter will begin in Receiving type certification for the passenger Ansat with hydro-mechanical controls opens up new opportunities to promote this helicopter in the global commercial operation market. Kazan Helicopters began work on certification of the commercial hydro-mechanical version of the Ansat helicopter in Previously Kazan Helicopters produced a fly-by-wire version of the Ansat; however, no commercial fly-by-wire helicopter had obtained certification anywhere in the world, and there were no established requirements for such a helicopter. He is also responsible for our helicopter guides.

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Russian Helicopters is showcasing the Ansat, which it classifies as a light utility helicopter, this week at the Paris Air Show. FBW control system failure was suspected to be the cause of the crash of an early-production Ansat in the Republic of Korea RoK in July while on a low-level patrol over hilly terrain. Teething problems with the four-channel system have been solved.

Today, the defense ministry is happy with the Ansat-U's performance. Numerous technical improvements introduced in the past three years have made the Ansat reliable in operation, with a fleet average utilization now exceeding hours a year per airframe. Under that deal, Russian Helicopters has to deliver 45 Ansats to NSMA in , in addition to 20 such rotorcraft to other local and foreign customers.

Earlier, the manufacturer entered an agreement with the State Transport Leasing Corp. If consummated, this deal should restore confidence in the Ansat among South Koreans after their bitter experience with early-production examples. A year later, it was followed by a larger order from China Association of Emergency Medicine, for 20 rotorcraft. The Kremlin has already signaled its readiness to accept a draft, which, among other things, contains a mechanism for validation of national certificates.

When in place, this mechanism will open the way for Chinese certification of the Ansat ahead of its placement with commercial operators in the country. Special attention has been paid to perfecting the load-bearing structure, a process managed by a special commission on weight. Whenever possible, metallic elements in skin, nacelles, and hatches were replaced with those made of composite materials. Vibration and noise are reduced through a new pendulum assembly on the main rotor mast, as well as an active vibration control system AVCS.

A new fairing on the top of the rotor mast further reduces drag. Apart from a performance boost, these can decrease the share of Western components to a level permitting export to those countries that prefer completely Russian equipment. According to a recent market forecast for civilian equipment, Russian Helicopters expects the annual market for turbine helicopters in the global marketplace to reach by The manufacturer wants to capture a good portion of that market.

Back in , only 17 out of helicopter deliveries were to commercial operators. The next year, the figure grew to 65, and up to 70 in All Rights Reserved. Skip to main content. Aviation International News. Paris Air Show Aerospace. The Russian Helicopters Ansat is classed as a light twin, but appears more like a medium-size model. Latest Trending. Jun 4, - AM. Jun 3, - PM. Jun 2, - PM. May 28, - PM. Jun 2, - AM. Jun 3, - AM. Houston Charter Management Providers Merge.


Ansat helicopter receives passenger certificate

The Ansat light multipurpose helicopter is intended to carry personnel, cargo and equipment inside its cargo compartment or on external sling, as well as perform special tasks in the interests of different customers. The helicopter can carry various types of optional equipment. The Ansat light multipurpose helicopter is designed to carry personnel up to 10 people , transport cargo and equipment inside its cargo compartment up to 1, kg or on external sling up to 1, kg , as well as perform special tasks in the interests of different customers. The helicopter has a spacious 8.


Russian Helicopters Showcases Ansat

Russian Helicopters holding company completed validation of the type certificate for Ansat light multipurpose helicopter in the People's Republic of China. The validation of the type certificate by Chinese aviation authorities allows the company to commence the supplies of Ansat helicopters to China under a previously concluded contract. Thus, China is an important potential market for us, and we may sell several hundred helicopters. However, first we should ensure after-sales service, and we are also doing that now. Development will give us more opportunities and chances in terms of equipment supply, because the helicopter price is very competitive," stated Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation Denis Manturov. We are ready to commence the supplies this year.

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