On the Left, a popular view of the underlying causes of the latest economic crisis and slump holds that. This paper will show that the first three points are factually incorrect. The rate of profit never recovered. And the rate of accumulation fell because the rate of profit fell, not because portfolio investment increased at the expense of productive investment. Thus the fall in the rate of profit is a key indirect cause of the sluggish growth, debt buildup, and the crisis.

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Unfollow Follow Unblock. Other Affiliations:. Combatting White Nationalism: Lessons from Marx more. The foremost lesson is that fighting white nationalism in the tradition of Marx entails the And by looking back at the presidential campaigns of George Wallace between and , it becomes clear that Trumpism is a manifestation of a long-standing white nationalist strain in US politics, not a response to neoliberalism or globalization.

Marx argued that Irish independence was crucially important for the whole working class—including the English workers themselves. He championed the defeat of the Confederacy and the emancipation of the slaves largely because he anticipated that these events would eliminate that barrier. Resistance to Trumpism. Save to Library. Marx's Concept of Intrinsic Value more. Marx, Karl. What is spurious correlation?

Studies by the author showed that strong cross-sectional correlations between industry-level values and prices are spurious. Economic Theory and Post Keynesian Economics. No Longer a Question of Truth? We argue that they do so in order to try to divert the debate without appearing to do so.

View on researchgate. It argues that his negative evaluation of the TSSI largely stems from his failure to understand its It argues that his negative evaluation of the TSSI largely stems from his failure to understand its purpose. However, recent studies Political Economy. Two concepts of value, two rates of profit, two laws of motion more. Political Economy and Economic Theory. Rejoinder to Duncan Foley and David Laibman more.

Political Economy , Economic Theory , and Profitability. Heinrich also argues that Marx had doubts about the law and that, for this and other other reasons, his theory of capitalist economic crisis was only provisional and more or less in continual flux. Finally, the paper presents evidence that Marx was indeed convinced that the LTFRP is correct and that he regarded the crisis theory of volume 3 of Capital as finished in a theoretical sense.

Technological Disemployment in the Neoclassical Model more. Page 1. Screpanti versus Marx on exploitation: a comment more. This note shows that Rejoinder to Duncan Foley and David more. View on mpra. We argue that this criticism reflects their failure to understand what a refutation is. In order to refute a theorem, one needs only Publisher: nongae1.

Publication Name: ricardo. Beyond talking the talk: towards a critical pluralist practice more. The guiding principle of this reform is what we term critical pluralism. There are two key ideas in this. The first is that truth, or progress towards it, arises only if empirical reality is tested against a multiplicity of theoretical The first is that truth, or progress towards it, arises only if empirical reality is tested against a multiplicity of theoretical explanations of that reality.

Pluralism is thus not Publisher: paecon. Post-Autistic Economics Movement. This paper The persistent fall in profitability underlying the current crisis: new temporalist evidence more. This paper, which focuses on the analysis of movements in the rate of profit in the US corporate sector, is part of a larger study. The overall purpose of the study is to ground an explanation of why the current economic crisis erupted in The overall purpose of the study is to ground an explanation of why the current economic crisis erupted in a long-term analysis of the Publisher: gesd.

Replicating Marx: A reply to Mohun more. The transformation non-problem and the non-transformation problem more.

Business and Management and Public Administration and Policy. View on dx. This paper presents an interpretation of the quantitative dimension of Marx's value theory in which prices and values are determined interdependently and within historical time.

This interpretation is then shown to refute allegations that This interpretation is then shown to refute allegations that his value theory suffers from internal inconsistencies.

Among the issues considered are Marx's law of the falling rate of profit, the alleged redundancy of value, value determination under joint production, and the 'transformation problem.

View on tandfonline. Simultaneous Valuation vs. View on cnc. Publication Date: Mar 10, Early on in these meetings we - and many other participants - became profoundly aware that the absence of pluralism in economic discourse could not be attributed to a simple failure to consider 'alternative schools' of thought - Keynesian, Marxist, Feminist, Institutionalist, Green, and so on - but was also expressed in a more general and systematic lack of engagement within each distinct school.

We coined the term 'critical pluralism' to denote the systemic alternative practice that we considered necessary to put this right. What was required was to review, critically, the received practices of all theoretical activity in the general area of economics or political economy to restore systematic pluralism and the systematic inductive use of evidence, by means of genuine and respectful engagement. The guidelines were posted on the IWGVT website - currently not functioning, but under repair - from onwards and were printed as an appendix to our chapter 'Beyond Talking the Talk: towards a critical pluralist practice' which was published in Fullbrook, E.

London: Zed. I reproduce it here as a central part of the historical record regarding pluralism and its relation to both political economy in general, and the rigorous study of value theory. Publication Date: View on neue-impulse-verlag. Remember me on this computer. Enter the email address you signed up with and we'll email you a reset link. Need an account?

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Protest and accommodation: An interview with Andrew Kliman

Platypus Review September Many of his writings are available at his personal website akliman. On July 22nd, Emilio F. What follows is an edited transcript of the interview. Jason Roland : When and how did you become interested in the Left generally? How did you come to identify with Marxist-Humanism? How do you understand the stakes of your intellectual output?


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I will honor my commitment to attend. We would like to organise a public debate in London to which you would be invited to speak. You have had ample opportunity to respond to my message of acceptance and to organize the debate at a time and place of your choosing. What is the point of this lie?


Andrew Kliman

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