Sketches f. Hover Bike Sketch. Alias Sketchbook doodle - Quick sketch to cleanse the palette Alias Sketchbook doodle - Quick ideation sketch.

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Sketches f. Hover Bike Sketch. Alias Sketchbook doodle - Quick sketch to cleanse the palette Alias Sketchbook doodle - Quick ideation sketch. In this new day, the land is completely covered by the warm Pacific Ocean, with only the highest mountain peaks revealing themselves.

People live in mobile lily pad homes. Generators dangle off the bottoms of the "Lily Pods" creating energy from the high temperatures and strong currents. Demo Sketches - A couple of quick sketches done during a demo sketch session down at the Art Institute of Portland An toddler shoe and a women's boot Men's fashion footwear - Just some doodles on the airplane that I colored up. I've always wanted to design this type of footwear. Lady's dress shoe concept.

Moden Nomad concept collection. Quick boat sketch - Quick 20min photoshop doodle. Football boot doodles - Some sketches from a Saturday Workshop we did with local high school kids interested in design.

My group were all soccer kids, so I doodled football boots with them for the morning Concept Art, quick sketches - Space cruise ship and "jump" shoes inspired by the book "Android Dreams" by John Scalzi. Beach House Concept Sketches - Every few months I get these thoughts of modern beach houses stuck in my head. Toy Sketch Doodles - Creative procrastination thinking about vinyl characters.

Jaguar sketches - Just studying the classic lines of Jags. Niblet - Mobile office concept. Part commuter vehicle, part roving cubicle, the Niblet lets you work anywhere you want while keeping you connected to the office HQ center.

Waterfront House - Small Ocean house. Cast, reinforced concrete, and steel frame structure raises the first floor up above potential flood levels. Venice Cruiser - Alias sketchbook pro doodle. PORT art bridge design competition - Quick sketch for a bridge design competition on portlandart. Batmobile Sketch - Just a little practice Batmobile rendering Marcello Gandini meets Gary Major, kind of a little bit of a playboy billionaire mods out his million dollar sports car kind of a scenario Polycarb Heels - Just some doodles on women's polycarbonate fetish heels with a producty perspective for fun.

Sketch - Just a doodle. This was the second demo I've done in the last 6 months for the ID program there. They are extremely fun and energizing. There is no prep, I go in with some pencils and markers, I ask the kids what they want to see designed, and draw it up. The pressure to make it not totally suck in front of 30 critical design students is awesome.

Old mech doodles - some old mech doodles from Black and Red ballpoint on a post it note with some photoshop. Hover craft sketches. Lincoln Lead Sled - Just a doodle in between meetings Doodles - Just an idle sketch page Aquatic Hover Somethings. Flying cars Aqua-Hover Bike thing Oval shaped car doodles. Holidays sketches - doodles. November Overlay - Overlay sketch for a student. Sketch - Exploration sketch from Just got my home studio all set up with a new desk and storage First doodle: Prestez, kind of a mashup between a Nike Presto and a Cortez I couldn't help it.

Icon 4x4. Aava Mobile. Matrix Racer. Brooklyn Workshop Footwear. Coke Bottle concept. Layer Knife.


Analog Dreams: Sketches of Michael DiTullo

While the browser-based sketching we mentioned earlier may take off in popularity, particularly among the younger set, it's nice to see some examples of good ol' pen-on-dead-trees. Michael DiTullo, the industrial designer currently serving as Converse's Creative Director, has self-published a page book filled with ten years' worth of his sketches. There's a quick review of it over at IDsketching , which contains this excellent excerpt summing up the appeal of paper-based sketching:. DiTullo's somewhat Philip-K. We have six dogs. Don't have an account? Join Now.


Analog Dreams



"Analog Dreams:" Paper-based sketching




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