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Profesor-Investigador, Universidad de Guadalajara U. Profesor-Investigador U. Profesor U. Nutritional-chemical composition and antinutritional factors in seeds of Enterolobium cyclocarpum. Chemical analyses were performed to quantify the protein CP , fat CF , fiber CF , ash, humidity, nitrogen free extract NFE and antinutritional factors in extracts from Enterolobium cyclocarpum seeds.

However, the seeds also contain cyanogenic glycosides such as trypsin inhibitory factor and cyanhidric acid, resulting in antinutritional effects. By using a standard trypsine solution, the proteolytic activity in a synthetic substrate benzoyl-arginine-p-nitroanilide was studied.

Analyses of the complete seeds showed; CP The dried almonds contained CP No hemaglutinins were detected, whereas 4. The low concentrations of trypsine inhibitor and HCN will be reduced even more by the heat treatment previous consumption, which makes the seeds suitable for human beings or animals. Existen diversas formas en que se pueden aprovechar las semillas de E. La concanavalina A, lectina del trigo, favorece la fagocitosis frente a microorganismos Giles, Por ser las leguminosas uno de los principales alimentos para los humanos y los animales, es importante detectar oportunamente sus factores antinutricionales.

Factores antinutricionales. El extracto se obtuvo de una muestra de E. Inhibidores de tripsina. Figura 1. Contenido de HCN presente en g de muestra de semillas de E. Debido al elevado contenido proteico, el consumo de semillas de E. Levy et al. Cabe anotar que los inhibidores de tripsina encontrados en E. Las semillas de E.

Se pueden aprovechar las vainas completas con las semillas de E. Servicios Personalizados Articulo. Fitoterapia : Association of Official Analytical Chemists. Turrialba 16 : University of New Hampshire. England: pp. Butler GW The distribution of the cyano glucosides linamarin and lotaustralin in higher plants. Phitochemistry 4 : Methods in Enzimology 1 : Conn EE Cyanogen glycosides.

Food Chem. Coursey DG Cassava as food toxity and technology. Chroni c Cassava Toxicity. Sidney, Australia. Acta Cient. Phitochemistry 37 : Comunicado Crop Sci. Z Physiol Chem. Costarricense 22 : Habte M, Musoko M Changes in the vesicular arbuscular micorrhizal dependency of Abizia ferruginea and Enterolobium cyclocarpum in response to sol phosphorus concentration.

Plant Nutr. Harris JR Determination of cyanide in animal feeding. Staffs Anal. World Poultry Cong. Amsterdam, Holanda. Hunter L Seed dispersal and germination of Enterolobium cyclocarpum Jacq. Griseb leguminosae: Mimosoideae: Are megafauna necessary? Estado de Colima. Jaffe G, Brucher O Toxicidad y especificidad de diferentes fitohemaglutininas de frijoles. Jaffe WG Hemagglutinin. En Liener IE Ed.

Toxic Constituents of Plant Food Stuff. Academic Press. Kakade ML Determination of trypsin inhibitor activity soy products. Cereal Chem. Kline M Enterolobium cyclocarpum Guanacaste. A Guide to Useful Woods of the World. King Philip. XVI Cong. Majak W Metabolism and absorption of toxic glycosides by ruminants. Range Manag. Nartey F Manihot esculenta Cassava. Cyanogenesis, Ultra-structure and Seed Germination. Copenhagen, Dinamarca. Chapingo Avances Forestales 1 : Poulton JE Cyanogenesis in plants.

Plant Physiol. Fitoterapia 60 : Rini JM Lectin structure. University of Michigan Herbarium. Seigler DS Cyanide and cianogenic glycosides. Universidad de Guadalajara. ICT 3 : Chemistry and Biochemistry of Herbage. Londres, RU. Viccellio P Handbook of Medical Toxicology. Little, Brown. Wood TJ The Cyanogenic glucoside content of cassava and cassava products.

Food Agric. Venezuela Telefonos: , interciencia ivic.


Características nutricionales y fermentativas de ensilados de pasto Camerún con plátano Pelipita







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