Alveoloplasty is a surgical pre-prosthetic procedure performed to facilitate removal of teeth, and smoothen or reshape the jawbone for prosthetic and cosmetic purposes. This pre-prosthetic surgery which may include bone grafting prepares the mouth to receive a prosthesis or implants by improving the condition and quality of the supporting structures so they can provide support, better retention and stability to the prosthesis. After tooth extraction , the residual crest irregularities, undercuts or bone spicules should be removed, because they may result in an obstruction in placing a prosthetic restorative appliance. Recontouring can be made at the time of extraction or at a later time. In Willard described the procedure of contouring the alveolar bone and alveolar mucosa in order to achieve primary wound closure in preparation for future denture placement. His statement mentioned the purpose of this procedure is to allow bone and tissue of patient to heal faster.

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Skip to search form Skip to main content You are currently offline. Some features of the site may not work correctly. The purpose of this study is to know which are the barriers that general practitioners in dentistry use fot the simple tooth extraction procedure.

Prevention and infection control in the dental office when a simple extraction is performed is of outmost importance for the dentist and his patient, in order to avoid the risk of contracting an infection such as AIDS, hepatitis B, etc. Will the general practitioner have the knowledge for a simple tooth extraction? Save to Library.

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Cuidados pre, trans y posoperatorios en un procedimiento de exodoncia simple


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