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Results: Exact: Elapsed time: 56 ms. All rights reserved. Join Reverso, it's free and fast! Register Login. These examples may contain rude words based on your search. These examples may contain colloquial words based on your search. See examples translated by e Alf 11 examples with alignment. See examples translated by e o Alf 4 examples with alignment.

See examples containing e ao Alf 2 examples with alignment. See examples containing e que o Alf 2 examples with alignment. Jack Ashley and Alf Morris had been supporters of the campaign from the very first.

Knight, Brown and Alf Wilson, sit close to me. Knight, Brown e Alf Wilson, sentem-se perto de mim. Paul was cheating and alf didn't notice. O Paul estava a fazer batota e o Alf parecia nem reparar. Jake and lynn and alf took Mr. Ochmonek's car To your repair place. O Jake, a Lynn e o Alf levaram o carro do senhor Ochmoneck para a oficina. Would you feel better if I went with you, And alf destroyed the house? It was Robert and me, and Alf and Kari.

Era o Robert e eu, e Alf e Kari. They came from Reil, Briedel and Alf , towns along the banks of the Mosel in Germany and from Peterslahar and Burglahr, in the neighbouring area of Westerwald, on the Eastern bank of the Rhine. Era gente que vinha de Reil, Briedel e Alf , aldeias das margens do rio Mosel na Alemanha e de Peterslahar e Burglahr, na vizinha zona de Westerwald, na margem oriental do Reno.

You and Alf go together. Lorena Butler was a cousin of the Taylor brothers, Robert Love and Alf , who both also served as governors. I think maybe we should give Dorothy and ALF a little privacy. I bet it's really about eight o'clock and ALF 's causing some trouble right now. I used to pretend that my dad had moved to the planet Melmac, and Alf was going to bring him back to me.

Costumava fingir que o meu pai se tinha mudado para o planeta Melmac, e que o Alf o ia trazer de volta. Possibly inappropriate content Unlock. Register to see more examples It's simple and it's free Register Connect. Suggest an example.


Axel Hägerström

Los objetivos del trabajo son fundamentalmente dos. En realidad, ellas no hablan de los mismo. This paper proposes a reflection on a specific kind of legal concepts: those that delimit and allow to identify legal institutions. In the first part, three proposals, which are presented as competitive visions on this kind of institutional concepts, are taken into account. In the first place, Ronald Dworkin's interpretative-justifying conception, secondly, the reductionist conception associated with the realistic theory of Alf Ross. In the second part of the work, these three proposals are put into play about a specific legal institution: the crime of witchcraft. The objectives of the paper are fundamentally two.


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