Cancel anytime. A newcomer to the village, Mary Fortune, is discovered murdered. Agatha seizes the moment and immediately starts yanking up village secrets by their roots and digging the dirt on the victim. But the problem is, Agatha has an awkward secret of her own.

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Cancel anytime. A newcomer to the village, Mary Fortune, is discovered murdered. Agatha seizes the moment and immediately starts yanking up village secrets by their roots and digging the dirt on the victim. But the problem is, Agatha has an awkward secret of her own. In the delightful Cotswold village of Carsely, the air is heady with romance. Agatha Raisin is convinced that the new vet has taken a shine to her.

But before she can get anywhere, handsome Dr Paul Bladen is accidentally killed while attending to Lord Pendlebury's horse. So was it really an accident? All the evidence points that way, but the circumstances are decidedly suspicious. After pursuing him for nearly four years, Agatha is finally about to marry James Lacey, the handsome Colonel next door.

But there's just one little problem. Agatha Raisin, retired PR supremo, has been spurned at the altar by the man of her dreams, her attractive neighbour James Lacey. Can the duo forget their differences and resume their strangely successful sleuthing partnership?

He was a hairdresser to dye for The local ladies all deem Mr John a wizard, so when Agatha finds a few grey hairs on her head - and the rinse she tries at home turns her hair purple - she makes a beeline for the handsome Evesham hairdresser.

And as well as sorting out her hair it soon becomes clear the charming man also has designs on her heart - but their budding romance is cut short when Mr John is fatally poisoned in his salon. Once again Agatha finds herself embroiled in a murder case. Suffering from bald patches thanks to a hair conditioner spiked with depilatory cream - supplied by the murderess in her last investigation - Agatha escapes to the coastal resort of Wyckhadden to allow her crowning glory to recover in privacy.

A local witch provides her with hair tonic, and Agatha's lost locks begin to grow - but then the witch is found bludgeoned to death. The elderly residents at Agatha's faded hotel seem innocuous enough, if a little odd. But she turns up an alarming number of secrets Feeling jilted and cross, Agatha follows a fortune-teller's advice and rents a cottage in the pretty village of Fryfam, where she hopes good fortune and true love will come chasing after her for a change.

Unfortunately, her romantic notions are soon dispelled by the strange goings-on in the village. What are those strange lights in Agatha's back garden? Who is stealing paintings and pottery? And who murdered the local squire? Recently married to James Lacey, Agatha quickly finds out that it's not all 'happy ever after' - before long the newlyweds are living in separate cottages and accusing each other of infidelity.

After a fight down the local pub, James vanishes completely, leaving a bloodstain as the only clue to his fate. Naturally, Agatha is Prime Suspect. Determined to clear her name and find her husband, Agatha begins her investigation - and promptly finds a murdered mistress When the village curate is found murdered, retired PR guru Agatha Raisin vows to bring his killer to justice, particularly if the investigation also brings her closer to her handsome next-door neighbour, Colonel Lacey.

Duck and Cover Still reeling from the death of their curate, the inhabitants of Carsely decide on Duck Racing and Morris Dancing to cheer themselves up. But the village Fete is unlikely to go smoothly while the killer is still amongst them. Abandoned by new husband James, Agatha Raisin hops on a plane to the South Pacific in the hope that an idyllic holiday will bring some consolation.

There, she befriends a honeymooning couple, but tragically, the young bride is accidentally drowned. Returning home to the Cotswolds, Agatha finds herself involved in a strangely similar situation: a woman, dressed in a wedding gown, is found floating in the river. The police say suicide, but Agatha, spurred on by bitter reflections on the married state, sets out to prove them wrong. After being nearly killed by both a hired hit man and her former secretary, Agatha Raisin could use some low-key cases.

So when Robert Smedley walks through the door of her detective agency, determined to prove that his wife is cheating on him, Raisin Investigations immediately offers to help.

Unfortunately for Agatha, Mabel Smedley appears to be the perfect wife: young, pretty and a regular volunteer at church. Reports of a haunted house soon have amateur sleuth Agatha Raisin snooping around, only to discover the victim of the haunting is a universally disliked old biddy on whom someone is playing a practical joke.

But then the old lady is murdered, and, for Agatha - Miss Marple with attitude - solving a crime is much more fun than ghostbusting. An unabridged reading of an Agatha Raisin mystery from M. Beaton, read by Penelope Keith. There may be trouble ahead Can the feisty Agatha cut it as a private investigator? She soon learns that running her own detective agency in the Cotswolds is not quite like starring in a Raymond Chandler movie.

But then walks in wealthy divorcee Catherine Laggat-Brown, and Agatha is given her first real case. Agatha Raisin's detective agency has become so successful that she decides to take time off for rest and relaxation. But as soon as she does, she remembers that when she does have time on her hands, she doesn't know what to do with it.

So it doesn't take much for the vicar of a nearby village to persuade her to help publicise the church fete - especially when the event organiser, George Selby, turns out to be a handsome widower. Sea, sand Agatha Raisin thinks she's in for a treat when her ex-husband, James Lacey, invites her on holiday, but - horrors!

And from there on, things go from bad to worse. So when a fellow guest in their hotel is found murdered, Agatha herself is chief suspect - and has to solve this case from a locked police cell! During the grey days of early December, Agatha is obsessed by only two things — Christmas, and her ex, James Lacey.

Even the murder of Mrs Tamworthy , does little to distract Agatha. Agatha Raisin's ex-husband James has become engaged to a beautiful young woman and Agatha has been kindly invited to the wedding.

This is a difficult pill to swallow, so to take her mind off it Agatha begins a flirtation with Sylvan, a Frenchman she met at James's engagement party.

Beaton's entertaining murder mystery. Incomer Gloria French is at first welcomed in the Cotswold village of Piddlebury. She seems like a do-gooder par excellence, raising funds for the church and caring for the elderly. But she has a bad habit of borrowing things and not giving them back, so when she is discovered dead, poisoned by a bottle of elderberry wine, folk in the village don't mourn her passing too intently.

After six gruelling months back in London, Agatha Raisin returns to her beloved Cotswold village of Carsely - and to the charms of her neighbour, James Lacey. True, James is less than thrilled to see her, but Agatha is soon distracted by a sensational murder. The victim, hiker Jessica Tartinck, spent her life enraging wealthy landowners by insisting on her walking club's right to hike over their properties.

Now she has been found dead As always Penelope Keith made the story live! Another delightful light and relaxing detective tale. The Agatha Raisin mysteries are, for the most part, daft. They're a bit like Sunday night tele. You don't really 'enjoy' them, but you become fond of the characters and sort of end up tuning in over and over.

I listened to one out of interest and I've just downloaded book 7. I've even passed a couple on to friends who equally hate to love them. If you're looking for gripping psychological drama, do not stop here. If you like Midsomer Murders and don't mind that the plots are dreadful and there are so many murders, you are pretty much only left with the murderer, you'll love this.

Easy to listen to slop. Still loving these! The stories and Penelope are wonderful escapism. Highly recommend if you enjoy some gentle murder. On to the next one. Weak and rather incoherent book that feels oddly incomplete, but also as if it was written just to set up a slightly different direction for the stories.

To be honest, the different narrator of book two does a far better job. A great story with plenty of intrigue. Agatha's acerbic wit delivered to perfection by the sublime Penelope Keith. An absolute pleasure. Read before. Love the audio. Lovely vocals. Looking forward to another in the series. Help please. I love Agatha Raisin, light hearted, easy listening, laugh out loud.

Agatha Raisin is as always So is Penelope Keith reading the story. I cannot imagine anyone else doing the dialogue. Agatha reminds me at times of myself. So great to see Agatha growing in her attitude to things, especially romance. One of the funniest scenes ever happens in this book, let's just say it involves a spot on a nose By: M.


Agatha Raisin

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The Walkers of Dembley

Having spent years toiling away in London, Agatha has relocated to the Cotswolds. However, her hopes of a quiet life are dashed when murders start occurring in her village. Drawn into their mysteries, Agatha attempts to solve the crimes In the first episode, a walker is found dead on a local baronet's land soon after he declares war on her rambling group for trespassing on his land. Eager to solve the crime, Agatha convinces James that they should pose as a married couple and go undercover in the victim's rambling group.


Agatha Raisin and the Walkers of Dembley

Agatha Raisin is a British comedy-drama television programme that was broadcast as a pilot titled Agatha Raisin and the Quiche of Death on 26 December , [1] with an eight-part series that first aired on Sky 1 on 7 June A fourth series is in production. On 22 August , Sky announced that it had commissioned the adaptation for Sky 1. Agatha Raisin and the Quiche of Death began filming in September


No need to waste time endlessly browsing—here's the entire lineup of new movies and TV shows streaming on Netflix this month. See the full list. Title: The Walkers of Dembley 07 Jun Agatha is promoting a charity film evening for Sir Charles Snaith, who has made it clear that the Dembley ramblers group are not welcome on his land.

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