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E arlier this week, I was perusing the recently released O6 promotion list and an analogy came to mind about our shrinking Army. A grizzly vision perhaps, but the decline in promotion numbers will continue as the Army draws down in the wake of fifteen years of war. Since then, several thoughtful and humorous articles have been published describing the role of luck and timing in promotions.

Leaders illustrate through their presence that they care. All leaders have presence. Initially, it is physical. E very year, new command teams spend thoughtful hours crafting the words that will precisely convey their version of unit success.

When those command teams brief their vision to the unit, the slides inevitably include phrases like these:. But when was the last time you participated in a unit leader development event that was focused on the practice of leadership? Not doctrine, not staff processes, not command supply discipline…leadership! Leader development has evolved to encompass everything except the very activity its name implies — teaching our people how to be good leaders.

E ffective organizations rely on leaders to balance uncertainty, remain flexible, and provide a climate where subordinates have the latitude to explore options.

We receive a mission or task and launch into generating creative ways to execute it…only to be told which course of action to take and methods to use. In fact, consider the opposite point…units will be ineffective if they do not give subordinates latitude in executing their missions. Subscribe to The Military Leader. Complete Archive of Military Leader Posts.

Leadership seeks to influence others through the communication of ideas and common causes. Positive, empowering influence comes by knowing how to lead, relate to others, and free other to manage tasks. Our Soldiers and officers deserve more. They deserve leaders who build their leadership personas on positivity and inspiration, knowing that such an environment will allow their teams to accomplish more.

The Military Leader Menu Skip to content. Post navigation E arlier this week, I was perusing the recently released O6 promotion list and an analogy came to mind about our shrinking Army. Air Force Col. Air Force photo by Master Sgt. Joseph Swafford. Army Sgt. The soldiers are all from 2nd Battalion, rd Parachute Infantry Regiment. DoD photo by Staff Sgt. Justin Holley, U.

Army photo by Sgt. When was the last time you encouraged and inspired your team? In accordance with ADP , find ways to create a positive environment…not one that is simply absent of negativity.


Adp 6-22: Army Leadership (Promotion Board Study Guide)

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ADRP 6-22 and ADP 6-22, Army Leadership Flashcards Preview

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ADRP 6-22 Army Leadership


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