Quick Links. See also: Manual. Table of Contents. Never exceed the maximum weight capacity. Honda Motor Co. Page 4 When service is required, remember that your Honda dealer knows your motorcycle best.

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Quick Links. See also: Manual. Table of Contents. Never exceed the maximum weight capacity. Honda Motor Co. Page 4 When service is required, remember that your Honda dealer knows your motorcycle best. The illustrations herein are based on the type. And operating this motorcycle safely is an important responsibility. To help you make informed decisions about safety, we have provided operating procedures and other information on labels and in this manual.

Safety Section —— To responsibility for your own safety and make yourself more visible, wear bright understand the challenges that you can Page 12 Never exceed load limits, and only use accessories that have been approved by Honda for this motorcycle. See page more details. Not wearing a helmet increases the chance of serious injury or death in a crash. A helmet Sturdy boots with non-slip soles to help should fit your head comfortably and protect your feet and ankles.

Page 14 Non-Honda accessories, im p r o p e r m od i f i c a t i on s , a n d p o or Follow all load limits and other loading maintenance can also reduce your safety guidelines in this manual.

You may wish to secure a jacket or other small items Maximum weight capacity: to the seat when you are not riding with a kg lb passenger. Page 16 Accessories and Modifications a passenger or cargo: Modifying your motorcycle or using non- Check that both tyres are properly Honda accessories can make your inflated page motorcycle unsafe.

Before you consider To prevent loose items from creating a making any modifications or adding an Page 17 Do not pull a trailer or sidecar with your We strongly recommend that you use only motorcycle. The following pages describe the label The meanings of each symbol and label are meanings. Some labels warn you of as follows. Their functions are described in the tables on the following pages.

Description Function Multi-function display The display includes the following functions; This display shows the initial display page Speedometer Shows riding speed page Odometer Shows accumulated mileage page Tripmeter Shows mileage per trip page Coolant temperature Shows coolant temperature page gauge Fuel gauge Shows approximate fuel supply available page Description Function Tachometer red zone Never allow the tachometer needle to enter the red zone, even after the engine has been broken in.

Running the engine beyond recommended maximum engine speed the beginning of the tachometer red zone can damage the engine. The tripmeter shows mileage per trip. Push the MODE button to select the odometer and tripmeter.

To reset the tripmeter, push and hold the RESET button for more than 2 seconds when the display is in the tripmeter.

If this occurs, stop the engine and check the The normal operating temperature range is reserve tank coolant level. If this occurs, see your dealer as soon as possible. When all segments up to F are on, the fuel tank is full. The fuel tank capacity is: Turn the ignition switch ON. The button or turn the ignition switch OFF.

Use a pin spanner and extension bar to adjust the rear shocks. Always adjust the shock absorber position in sequence or Page Brakes As the brake pads wear, the brake fluid level drops. The recommended brake fluid is Honda There are no adjustments to perform, but DOT 3 or DOT 4 brake fluid from a sealed fluid level and pad wear must be inspected container, or an equivalent.

Page 38 Worn pads should be replaced. If the pads are not worn, have your brake system inspected for leaks. CLUTCH Clutch adjustment may be required if the Loosen the lock nut and turn the motorcycle stalls when shifting into gear or clutch cable adjuster. Tighten the lock tends to creep; Turn the adjusting nut to the clutch does not work correctly, see your obtain the specified freeplay.

Tighten the dealer. Check the coolant level in the reserve tank while the engine is at the normal operating temperature with the motorcycle in an upright position.

You can be burned or To open the fuel fill cap , open the lock seriously injured when handling fuel. Page 44 If spark knock or pinking persists, consult your dealer. Page 45 Damage the painting of the fuel tank. Check for oil Engine Oil Level Check leaks. Check the engine oil level each day before riding the motorcycle.

The level must be maintained between the Running the engine with insufficient oil upper and lower level marks in the pressure may cause serious engine damage. Generally, correctly inflated for the load you are underinf lated tyres w ear unevenly, carrying.

As discussed be as good as a new tyre. Excessive heat build- up can cause the tube to burst. Use only tubeless t yres on this motorcycle. The rims are designed for t ubeless t y re s, a nd during hard acceleration or braking, a tube-type tyre could slip on the rim and cause the tyre to The headlight, position lights, taillight and license light will come on whenever you turn the ignition switch ON. If your motorcycle is stopped with the ignition switch ON and the engine is not running, the headlight, position lights, taillight and license light will still be on, resulting in The engine stop switch is next to the The start button is used for starting the throttle grip.

Passing Light Control Switch When this switch is pressed, the headlight flashes on to signal approaching cars or when passing. Remove the key. To unlock the steering, turn the key to OFF. Do not turn the key to LOCK while riding the motorcycle; Turn it clockwise, then pull the rear seat up and back. To install the rear seat, insert the prongs into the rear stays on the frame, and then push down on the rear of the rear seat. To install the front seat, insert the tab into the recess under the frame and tighten the mounting bolts securely.

Remove the rear seat page. Route the helmet wire through the helmet D-ring and hook the loops of the helmet wire onto the helmet holder.

When washing your motorcycle, be careful not to flood this area with water. After storing, be sure to fasten the lock with the rubber band securely.

Removal: Remove the bolt A and bolts B. Remove the hooks from the slots. Remove the middle cowl and disconnect t he f ront turn signal connectors. Installation: Installation can be done in the reverse order of removal. Obey local laws and regulations. Check for leaks. Release the start button described below. Follow the following: procedure indicated below. The transmission is in neutral neutral indicator is ON. During this period, avoid full-throttle starts and rapid acceleration.

Coordination of the throttle and clutch Make sure the side stand is fully retracted lever will assure a smooth positive start. Both front and rear brakes should be used at the same time and should not be applied strongly enough to lock the wheel, or braking effectiveness will be reduced and control of the motorcycle be difficult.

All of your match your road speed. Operating the front brake lever equivalent motorcycle without ABS. This is normal. This sounds simple but people do forget. Park your motorcycle in a locked garage whenever possible. Page 78 Wheel removal should normally be handled only by a Honda technician or other qualified mechanic; instructions are included in this manual only to assist in emergency service.

Page 79 To ensure the best quality and reliability, Injury from moving parts. Do not run the engine unless instructed use only new Honda Genuine Parts or their to do so. Read the instructions before you begin, and make sure you have the tools and skills required. In the interest of safety, we recommend these items be serviced only by your dealer.

Honda recommends that your dealer should road test your motorcycle after each periodic maintenance is carried out. Helmet holder wire 10 mm Open end wrench 14 mm Open end wrench They may also be required by your dealer when ordering replacement parts. Store the plate in a safe place. To reproduce keys, bring all keys, key number plate and motorcycle to your dealer.

Page 86 Use the Honda Genuine air cleaner element or an equivalent air cleaner element specified for your model.


Honda CBR250R Service Manual

If you have one of these motorcycles, this is the only manual you will ever need. Any device that can read PDF files. Skip to main content. Email to friends Share on Facebook - opens in a new window or tab Share on Twitter - opens in a new window or tab Share on Pinterest - opens in a new window or tab. Watch this item. People who viewed this item also viewed.


2011 CBR250R Service Manual

It covers every single detail. All models, and all engines are included. Detailed illustrations, exploded diagrams, drawings and photos guide you through every service repair procedure. This manual can be viewed on any computer, as well as zoomed and printed. All repair procedures are covered A-Z. Fixing problems in you Less. Repair Manuals can come in handy especially when you have to do immediate repair.

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